The complete roof asset management solution.


• Finding the right solution for your objectives and budget

• Complimentary to new and existing clients

• Unmatched simplicity, reporting and visibility


Welcome Roof360™.

To be launched later in 2018, the Roof360™ platform will provide a complete roof asset management solution to property managers and asset management teams. This new platform is intended to bridge the industry gap between aligning what’s happening onsite with reporting and visibility.

Here are some questions to ask yourself today:

1. Do I have solid answers on the current lifespan of your portfolio’s roofs?

2. Do I have a 5-year forecast of required roofing maintenance and replacement costs?

Perhaps the 5-year forecast has been completed but does not align with workable budgets.


Whether you have one or whether you don’t, the RBSmartScan™ is a great place to start. By penetrating beyond what’s visible to the eye and having the right technical expertise, our objective is to understand your constraints and look for possible alternative solutions that meet your requirements.