Roofing Industry – Education Series – Part 3

Educational Series - Part 3

Two weeks ago, we launched an educational article series designed to help people like yourself understand roofing, building envelope, and construction jargon. Be sure to check out the other articles here, but let’s jump right in to another educational post: Part 3 Change Order:   Work that is added to or deleted from the original scope […]

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Roofing Industry – Education Series – Part 2

RBS Education Series - Part 2

Last week we produced an educational article designed to help people like yourself understand common roofing and building envelope industry jargon. We designed that article to help you help yourself. Click here to read that article! This week, we have produced another educational post to help you understand the complex roof diagnosis proposals and quotations […]

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Roofing Industry – Education Series – Part 1

RBS Education 1

Have you ever received 3 roof quotes from 3 different roofing contractors and wondered why their prices were so different from each other? Or wondered why the specifications, materials, and guarantees were never the same? Or wondered what all the jargon meant? Well, we aim to help you help yourself! Over the next few weeks, […]

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What are the costs of project interruptions?

What is the cost of project interruptions

What are the costs of project interruptions? There is a lot to consider for in planning a roofing or building envelope project.  Cost, return on investment, intended outcome, schedule… But who likes surprises?  In reality, project surprises and interruptions can happen.  And they pack a punch.  Noise, image, reactive communication, schedule inefficiency, safety incidents and weather […]

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It’s almost Spring, do you know what your roof is doing?


All throughout Winter temperature fluctuations, snow, and ice do their very best to destroy your roof. The differences between the warm daytime temperatures and cold nighttime temperatures wreak havoc on your roof.  This phenomenon is known as thermal shock, which is intensified in Spring. All objects expand and contract as they heat and cool.  Older […]

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The Top 10 Employee Satisfaction Factors and how RBS affects them

Everyone wants to know how to create satisfied employees as happy people are effective people. They are loyal people. Hard working. They get results. They are profitable employees… So, we did some research and discovered a common thread of factors that lead to employee satisfaction and here they are: 10. Annual vacation paid by the […]

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Green Roofing – 100% Success, Real ROI

Green Roof Image

“The one thing we all share is Planet Earth” and how very true this is. Every day people raise concerns about our natural environment and how companies impact it in their quest for economic gain. Such concerns have led to the development of environmentally friendly construction practices, and in the roofing sector, it’s called “Green […]

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End the Confusion of Mysterious Roof Leaks!

A building’s roof is often one of the costliest assets to replace, and it is often the root of all building problems. The benefits of increasing the life of the roofing system through predicting roof maintenance needs are huge. Proactive hotel groups, property management firms, and commercial companies are employing thermographic technology to calculate their […]

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8 Reasons You Must Have a Budget for Roof Maintenance


8 Reasons You Must Have a Budget for Roof Maintenance “I’ve just had my roof replaced and it’s under warranty for the next 20 years so this blog is not for me” or maybe “I have no control over what upgrades happen to this property”… here are 8 reason you must have a budget for roof maintenance. […]

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Build Culture on Beating Popularity Index


Build Culture on Beating Popularity Index In the tourism industry website referrals do work; for better or worse. “If you put a focus on getting reviews, you will see the positive results. You need to make it easy for guests to post their reviews.” – Javier Carazo, Senior Vice President, Operations and Quality, NH Hotel […]

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