Everything starts somewhere…

Success is driven by results, and results are determined by vision. Vision takes initiative, and initiative starts somewhere. And that is why we start with a top-down approach to every situation with an RBSmartScan.



What is RBSmartScan?

RBSmartScan is a revolutionary process that enables you to understand the exact state of your current building portfolio’s roof sections.

“Combined with years of knowledge, proven analysis techniques, and a genuinely understandable presentation, RBSmartScan is the future of fact-based building envelope decision-making.”

What can it do for you?

Employing state-of-the-art technology alongside proven processes and trained/certified professionals, the RBSmartScan process enables you to make intelligent decisions.



RBSmartScan Benefits

  • Finance: improved understanding of current portfolio
  • Decision-making: decisions made from provable facts
  • Health and well-being: reduction of stress and frustration
  • Culture: taking action before small things become major issues
  • Community: considering the impact to others builds a sense of community
  • Workflow: tying proactivity into common processes
  • Vision: a holistic plan for success for your portfolio



Are you ready to learn and understand the exact condition of your building portfolio?

Are you ready to reduce your stress and frustration?

Are you ready for the future?