• Promotes minimized construction costs and hassles, and maximized long-term sustainability.

• Uncover the exact state of your current building portfolio’s roof section using aerial drone infrared scanning technology.

• Cutting to the core of complex building envelope issues.

• The perfect combination of certified professionals, state-of-the-art technology and proven process.


RBSmartScan™ – Looking to the Future

RBSmartScan™ is a revolutionary process that enables you to understand the exact state of your current building portfolio’s roof sections, which enables fact-based decision-making. Born from years of experience of industry experts, the RBSmartScan™ has been designed to encapsulate the entire roof inspection analysis and condition reporting.

In today’s world, property managers and asset management teams do not always have the budget for complete replacement projects and excessive spending. The whole purpose of the RBSmartScan™ is to gain a clear understanding of the existing conditions of any roof environment prior to prescribing the right solution.

The intended outcome of this process is to minimize construction costs and hassles, reduce long-term costs and promote proactive thinking and sustainability.


RBSmartScan™ Operational Components:

• RRO personnel walk the entire roof looking for issues

• Drone-based large-area thermography

• Cut-tests to determine roof composition and internal issues

• Moisture probe tests

• Tramex non-invasive moisture scanning

• Hand-held detail thermography