• Leak-free roofs for optimal work environments and happy tenants

• Managed capital and repair expenditure means gaining control of roof assets to budget and balance when repair work and replacements need to take place

• Improved risk management – avoid costly and hazardous roof failure

• Extend the life of your roof system through effective maintenance


Preventative maintenance is a worthwhile activity for every roof, no matter where it lands in its lifespan. It addresses the little issues early to keep your roof in good shape and prevent premature failure.


When roofs are let go, the can become infiltrated with water, begin to rot and cause a multitude of other issues. Here are some issues:

• Unlike a well-maintained roof, they become unrepairable.

• They can rust steel decking or rot wood decking.

• Interior damage and mould caused from water infiltration. Mould causes sickness and effects the well-being of anyone and everyone within the building.

• Water can sometimes get in at the parapets and seep done the inside of exterior walls causing damage to other parts of the building envelope.

• Water from failed roofs can sometimes seep into roofs in a better condition and cause them to fail as well.


Generally, fee structures for preventative maintenance could range anywhere from $500 – $25,000 depending on the scope of work required and the type of property. This investment can save $100,000+’s of problem investigation, reactive projects and remedial work when left too late.