• Bringing it all together

• Simpler communication

• Design control and value engineering

• Quicker response to risk

• Cost control

• Speed


Roof & Building Service has employed the Design Build concept + Theory of Constraints (ToC) principles to ensure streamlined and guaranteed project delivery for our clients on specialty projects. Using the Design Build model, life is simpler for clients to manage their projects. Working with one firm, there is clear accountability, improved risk management and simpler information transfer. There important factors will impact the outcome and delivery of your project.

We’ve uncovered stress and frustration in the traditional model of construction where the client engages consultants, architects, contractors and builders to tackle projects. Through adapting a methodology known as Theory of Constraints (Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt theory), our objective is to provide a simple streamlined process that makes life easier for our clients.

What is ToC?

ToC is a methodology to identify the most important limiting factor (i.e. constraint) that stands in the way of achieving a goal or project. With any complex project, the ToC methodology implies that only one of these tasks in the series acts as the constraint on the entire process.
When the constraint or ‘weakest this becomes top priority. In environments where there is an urgent need to improve, ToC offers a highly-focused methodology for creating rapid improvement.

How ToC Impacts Our Process

Each of our clients have their own set of pain points which restrain them from reaching their goals. In the manufacturing sector, downtime to coordinate construction can lower throughput and ultimately to identify and exploit project constraints. Our technical team, project delivery specialists and skilled trades come together to value engineer simplicity, cost savings and schedule guarantees for clients.