The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Today’s roofing systems are more than just a cover for your building – they’re an integral part of the entire building envelope. That is why commercial roof maintenance is so important. With energy efficiency becoming a crucial goal for building owners, the roof is expected to perform functions beyond merely providing a waterproof surface on […]

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Commercial and Industrial Roofing Materials: Which One is Right for You?

It’s no surprise that building owners and managers can become confused when faced with roofing decisions. There are, of course, major differences between commercial and residential roofing materials. While residential roofs come in a variety of designs, styles, and materials influenced by the design and location of the home, commercial roofs have fewer options that […]

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Flat Roof Repair: Avoid Small Problems Becoming Big Ones

Flat Roof Repair

Tornadoes, hurricanes, high wind-speeds, hail, airborne tree branches… It seems that the weather is doing everything it can to stress buildings these days. And as you know, it is not uncommon for buildings to require flat roof repair. So many issues in buildings originate at the roof level. And since flat roofing systems are a […]

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5 Tips on Hiring the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

Today’s commercial roofing systems are a complex, sophisticated part of the energy-efficient building envelope. Advanced roof membranes, coatings and insulation material technologies are continually evolving the roof system design and construction process. Roofing technology expertise and experience play an even greater role today in selecting a commercial roofing contractor. Here in the Ontario region, selecting […]

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Creating An Energy-Efficient Building Envelope for Hospitality

INTRODUCTION The hospitality industry is all about comfort. However, that comfort comes at a cost and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain profits – never mind grow them – in this highly competitive marketplace. In 2016 the Canadian hospitality industry generated an 8.6 percent profit on $15.3 billion in revenue. However, slow economic growth and stiff competition has had […]

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Top 5 Commercial Roof Issues To Avoid

Commercial Roofing Mistakes

A commercial roof is a complicated element that is a key part of your building envelope (the protective shell on your building). Over the past 30+ years we have discovered the Top 5 Commercial Roof Issues that you should avoid:   –  Excessive Traffic on the Roof Surface The first common issue is to ignore […]

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Carleton University, a Work-in-Progress

Carleton University 1-1

Carleton University is an icon of Ottawa, a dynamic research and teaching institution dedicated to achieving the highest standards of scholarship. And Roof & Building Service is proud to be the company selected to ensure the safety and well-being of the students, staff, and facilities by re-roofing a section of the well-known campus! “An icon […]

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Roofing Industry – Education Series – Part 4

Educational Series - Part 4

This is Part 4 of our educational series designed to help people like yourself understand roofing, building envelope, and construction jargon. Be sure to check out the other articles here, but let’s jump right in to another educational post: Part 4 Alligatoring:  The cracking of surfacing bitumen on a built-up roof, producing a pattern of cracks […]

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The Reactive Nature of Roof Maintenance, and how to Combat it

Proactive Maintenance

Engine Oil Example? Pretty much all vehicles have engine oil to protect and prolong the life of the moving parts inside the engine. And this oil needs changed every so often to keep protecting your engine. Typically, you change the oil (costs around $50) on a frequent basis (every 6,000KM). And typically vehicle owners change […]

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