Engine Oil Example?

Pretty much all vehicles have engine oil to protect and prolong the life of the moving parts inside the engine. And this oil needs changed every so often to keep protecting your engine. Typically, you change the oil (costs around $50) on a frequent basis (every 6,000KM). And typically vehicle owners change their oil on a proactive maintenance schedule.

However, if you travel 60,000KM on the same oil, you run the risk of wrecking your engine. If you had spent $50 every 6,000KM, it would have cost you $500. Now you might need to replace your engine, which could cost you around $5000, or more. In summary, ignorance of oil changes for around 60,000KM could cost you over $4500. Yes, these numbers might be a bit off, but this is just an example of the cost of reactive maintenance.


Now, you might be wondering why a commercial roofing article is talking about engine oil. Well, your vehicle engine and oil are out of sight and out of mind, and so is your roof. And just like engines, your roof needs maintenance to prolong its life. Only roofs are typically much more expensive than vehicles, leading to the assumption that reactive maintenance on roofs is much more costly than reactive maintenance on vehicles.

So, if reactive maintenance costs a lot of money, does proactive maintenance save money? Well to answer this we need to define what roof maintenance is.

Proactive Maintenance?

Roof maintenance consists of several key elements:

  1. Inspection for surface issues such as seam openings, blisters, and water ponding.
  2. Common Warranty Requirement actions such as removing objects and debris from the roof surface and drain cleaning.
  3. Small repair work such as fixing seam fatigue, and ridging.
  4. Budget management such setting the annual monetary amounts for proactive maintenance needs, as well as budgeting for total roof replacement at end-of-life.

Now that we know what roof maintenance consists of, what does it mean to be proactive? According to the Oxford Dictionary, to be proactive is to “create or control a situation rather than just respond to it after it has happened.” That means you seize control of your roof and ensure it provides the maximum return-on-investment. And to do this, you need to maximize its lifespan by performing the above roof-maintenance actions on a monthly/annual maintenance service plan.

Roof & Building Service (RBS)?

RBS specializes in proactive roof maintenance, so much so that we have a dedicated system for it called Roof Asset Management. Connect with our team today to maximize the lifespan of your roof. We guarantee you will see a return-on-time-invested!